June 2023 Update

A lot has happened since our last update here! 

We've been keeping readers up to date primarily through our newsletter, Twitter, and Facebook over the last two and a half years. (We still strongly recommend signing up to our newsletter for the latest news. Social media platforms come and go, but with our newsletter we'll never lose touch!) The website has been one of those platforms that we just kept procrastinating on far past the point of embarrassment, and this is primarily because we really don't enjoy working with Blogger. 

We've been casting about for another host that makes sense for our budget, and while we're still stuck in analysis paralysis, we figured we ought to at least get those book pages updated and mention all we've accomplished since that accursed year 2020.

The Banshee's Curse Duology 

The Banshee's Curse Duology became officially complete at the end of 2022 with the release of Lady Vago's Absolution. It has been called a must read for fans of gothic fantasy, and we really hope it provides a satisfying conclusion to Rovena's story. 

The Platinum Order Mysteries

We also kicked off The Platinum Order Mysteries, a series of standalone novellas featuring the mystic Ysoldette as she investigates all manner of hauntings throughout the Sulthrizanian Empire. The first entry, The Haunting of Bardane Manor, was a newsletter exclusive for over a year but is now available as an ebook on Amazon. (You can still get it as welcome gift if you're a newsletter subscriber. *nudge nudge*) On May 31st, we released the second entry, The Spirit Choir.

Since these are standalone stories, they can be read in any order to suit your mood and the season. The Haunting of Bardane Manor is set in the fall, but an unnatural snowstorm gives it more of a wintry feeling. The Spirit Choir is a decidedly springtime story revolving around a mysterious abandoned garden.

Our next published work will be another entry in this series, and we plan to have more information about it by midsummer.

Unnamed Series About Man With Sword

While The Platinum Order Mysteries is Ash's brainchild, Matt is in the outlining stages of a series following Henry Maxton, a character who, like Ysoldette, first made an appearance in Lady Vago's Absolution. This is going to be more of a classically dark fantasy series that will cover a lengthy corruption and redemption arc of one of the unluckiest and most self-sabotaging swordsmen that ever lived. 

It's an ambitious project that will take some careful planning to make the most of its potential. The goal is to hold off on releasing the first book until the second is at least drafted and in the early editing stages. We'll have a progress report on this in midsummer as well.

For those of you who may have been relying on the website for updates, we apologize for letting this gather dust for so long! One of our 2023 goals is to improve on this front, so we promise it won't be such a long wait for the next update.

Until then, all the best!
Ash and Matt
(A.K.M. Beach)