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Pre-orders now available for Lady Vago's Malediction! Cover reveal, links, and more...

We are excited to announce that Lady Vago's Malediction now has a release date! Our spooky lady will make her debut on September 27th, 2020. Here in upstate New York, that's right around when the fall foliage is at its peak. We'll look on in wonder and dread as the brightly colored leaves get swept away by increasingly colder and more ominous winds - the perfect mood for a gothic fantasy, we think.   You can pre-order the Kindle edition  here .  Cover art by SketchedUp For those of you eager for the paperback, Amazon unfortunately doesn't allow pre-orders for those. We'll share photos of the proof copy once it arrives, though, assuming nothing goes wacky during printing. The horror of a haunted castle is nothing compared to washed out green and blue ink! For reviewers:  if you are on  Booksprout , we do still have some Advanced Reader Copies up for grabs there. If you don't use Booksprout but would like an ARC, reach out via our contact form. There's still a