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Video Q&A, with captions for your convenience, and transcript for your preference!

Well, better late than never, right? Sorry, folks, technical difficulties caused some delay, but here is the Q&A video.  Warning: graphic abuse of adverbs and filler words ahead.  If you want the goods but can't/won't use sound, we've also got a transcript below. Just keep scrolling. Thanks so much for your questions, everyone. We're kind of glad we're small timers and didn't get slammed, or the captioning process would have been even more of an ordeal. MATT: Hello, people! It's Matt and Ash here with some questions to answer. *introverted pause* I would call this shameless self-promotion but as two introverts nothing we ever really do is truly shameless. ASH: We're deeply ashamed right now. MATT: Especially her. I get to hide behind the camera where I belong. ASH: Lucky. MATT: I have a face for radio, as they say. (Ash's note: He's actually very handsome.) MATT: So we're going to start easy here, s

Paperbacks now available for Lady Vago's Malediction! Purchase link and unboxing video inside...

We made it! It's been a journey, but our debut novel finally released to the world on September 27th. Since we're nobodies, it's been a quiet affair but not entirely silent. We've gotten some lovely feedback from readers, and each rating on Amazon or Goodreads helps encourage others to try it. Every day has given us something to celebrate, whether it's a 5-star rating on Amazon, an enthusiastic note from a friend, or a review on Goodreads.  One of the most exciting milestones was when our proof copy arrived in the mail yesterday. It showed up a full four days early! We made a 2-minute video documenting the occasion, which we've included below. Give it a watch and see the stars in Ash's eyes. (Matt had stars too, but he was holding the camera.) Amazon Link

Our newsletter is now live - with a short story as a sign-up bonus!

There's something weirdly cozy about tucking into a ghost story this time of year. At least, we think so! To celebrate getting our newslettter up and running, we're offering a gift to subscribers: The Horror at Hag's End, a short and creepy tale that's a sort of lead-in to Lady Vago's Malediction. Contents include: an ominous old man, a gloomy teenage bandit, a cursed forest, and a very handsome and important cat. We've got the sign-up link tucked here, there, and everywhere throughout the site, but in case you're reading this on your phone and navigation isn't so smooth, you can click here  for it. We promise we'll make it worth your time. We're brand new to all of this, but one thing we're committed to is providing value to our readers via quality stories, fun little asides, the latest news, and NO SPAM. Just plug in your email and check your junk or promotions folder for the confirmation. (Email service providers are justifiably zealous ab

Pre-orders now available for Lady Vago's Malediction! Cover reveal, links, and more...

We are excited to announce that Lady Vago's Malediction now has a release date! Our spooky lady will make her debut on September 27th, 2020. Here in upstate New York, that's right around when the fall foliage is at its peak. We'll look on in wonder and dread as the brightly colored leaves get swept away by increasingly colder and more ominous winds - the perfect mood for a gothic fantasy, we think.   You can pre-order the Kindle edition  here .  Cover art by SketchedUp For those of you eager for the paperback, Amazon unfortunately doesn't allow pre-orders for those. We'll share photos of the proof copy once it arrives, though, assuming nothing goes wacky during printing. The horror of a haunted castle is nothing compared to washed out green and blue ink! For reviewers:  if you are on  Booksprout , we do still have some Advanced Reader Copies up for grabs there. If you don't use Booksprout but would like an ARC, reach out via our contact form. There's still a