Our newsletter is now live - with a short story as a sign-up bonus!

There's something weirdly cozy about tucking into a ghost story this time of year. At least, we think so!

To celebrate getting our newslettter up and running, we're offering a gift to subscribers: The Horror at Hag's End, a short and creepy tale that's a sort of lead-in to Lady Vago's Malediction. Contents include: an ominous old man, a gloomy teenage bandit, a cursed forest, and a very handsome and important cat.

We've got the sign-up link tucked here, there, and everywhere throughout the site, but in case you're reading this on your phone and navigation isn't so smooth, you can click here for it. We promise we'll make it worth your time. We're brand new to all of this, but one thing we're committed to is providing value to our readers via quality stories, fun little asides, the latest news, and NO SPAM.

Just plug in your email and check your junk or promotions folder for the confirmation. (Email service providers are justifiably zealous about it, but it sometimes makes it a pain to find what you actually want!) Once you're in, you'll get a warm welcome from us that includes a link to download the story.

Lady Vago's Malediction will be out in just 12 days! If you haven't already done so, you can pre-order here. Until then, we've got a small story to hold you over.

All the best,

Matt and Ash